Adulthood doesn’t mean you stop drinking juice pouches and eating fruit snacks. It means buying your own. 

and mixing them with vodka

At 3 in the morning while marathoning your favorite show because nobody can tell you to go to bed.

And then regretting your decisions the next morning.

Because you have to work.

and make more money to buy fruit snacks and juice pouches.

and vodka

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More Important Than the Ice Bucket Challenge


"I saw a new challenge on the scene called The Mrs. Doubtfire Challenge. It is to raise awareness of the American Foundation of Suicide Prevention. No shade to the ALS organization in any way, but I feel more inclined to raise awareness through the memory of a scene from one of my favorite movies starring one of my all-time favorite actors, Robin Williams, who recently took his own life amid extreme depression. I actually suffer from depression, so this challenge speaks more to my heart, which is why I jumped at the chance to take the “plunge.”

You are supposed to use whipped cream or shaving cream like Williams’ character in “Mrs. Doubtfire” did, but all I had on hand was some peach yogurt in the station fridge!”

katiethebeat my new challenge!